Some Things About Us


Who are we?

Looking for our true nature, we have not yet discovered who we are and what our mission is in life, but we know that digital marketing gives us real pleasure and we feel that we are on the right track.

Standards We Live By

  •     Critical to details!
  •     Creative thinking is mandatory!
  •     Top results is our goal!
  •     We're updating our skills on daily basis!

Boring stuff and some history

Penko Todorov: "The raw truth about almost any business is that there are too few reliable people you can hire. It is a complex mix of trust, professionalism, team play, skills, adequate behavior, critical thinking, broad humor and many more. I was very lucky to find people who came closest to the above criteria. We are not perfect but we know what we are doing. We love off-beat concepts, love to laugh and love to do what we do. We started Push Ltd. at the end of 2016 and since then we understood a lot about each other. We became friends outside work and are happy to have each other."

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